Quick start

After installing Etranslate, you might be confused about what to do next. Do not worry. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add target language

Add at least one language before translating. According to Shopify limitation, usually you can add up to 5 target languages. If there are already 5, you need to unpublish one before adding another. Update to Shopify Plus plan then you can add 20 languages.

Note: After publishing, you can preview the pages of target language. Your customers will not visit these pages until you add languages selector or enable auto language detect (Unless they visit by entering url derectly). 

Step 2. Auto translation (optional)

AI machine translation can help translating your shop rapidly. Select target language, resource type (type "All" is recommended) and status, then create tasks in click. It takes a while for completing all these translation. The time depends on number of words. 

Then you can go to Translation section to view the task result. These translations also need a few minutes to appear on shop frontend. 

We recommend to set Glossary rules before using Auto translate feature.

You can auto translate single content in Translation section. Just need to click the arrow between the screen.

Step 3. Manual Translation

Go to Translation section, choose a resource type, edit the translation of items on the right textbox. You can click the eye icon to preview the translation after saving change.

Maybe you do not know where some content translation boxes are, just enter the keywords on the search bar.

Usually users will review these translation after auto translating done. But if you do not like auto-translation, you can also fill the textboxes with translation by youself. Some users may prefer manual translation.

Step 4. Language Selector

Go to app Setting, enable the language selector, the floating selector will appears automatically in your shop. You can customize its style as you like. 

How to apply Menu language selector?

How to apply Embedded selector?

How to auto detect the languages of visitors?

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