How to uninstall Etranslate?

Either way, uninstalling Etranslate usually doesn't affect your translation. Your data will be stored in Shopify. 

Sometimes merchants can find the language selector persist on their store even after uninstalling the app. It is because that the language selector is still enabled while uninstalling. Below are 3 methods to remove the widget.

Delete Code button

Go to app FAQ section, there is a delete button on the page bottom. You can click it to delete the code then uninstall the app.

Disable the feature

Go to app Setting section and turn off the switcher. Then it will not appear anymore.

Delete the code in the theme.liquid file

Go to Shopify admin >> Online Store >> Theme >> Edit code >> theme. liquid on the Layout >> (Ctrl+F) >> Enter etranslate >> Delete all code lines that contains "etranslate" word. These code are always placed on the file bottom or top, easy to find them. 

Better to backup your theme before editing the theme liquid, even there is history version feature. And so not foget to save after editing.

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