Manual translation

After adding target languages, you can edit content manually on the Translation section. Below are some useful features.

Categories and translation progress

On the section, switch to different languages to view the resource categories and translation progresses. Sometimes the progress update will be late due to data synchronization. 

Global search bar

There is a global search bar in the translation section. Type in keywords then it can find the content easily and send you to the editing page. 

Tool bar

There is a toolbar on editing page to help you manage translations better. It includes the following functions.
  • Filter
  • Import / Export
  • Language switching
  • Review
  • Synchronize
  • Delete translation
  • View switching

Rich text editor

We updated the rich text editor recently. Now it performs better in speed and stability. There are 3 useful buttons that can help in managing content.

  • Copy button - Click to copy the original content
  • Single auto translate button - Click the arrow to auto-translate single item
  • Translation history - Record recent saved maual change

If the original content is complicated, we recommend copying it into the text box. Then change the original text to the translation.

 Note: Single auto translate feature will run your credits. Besides, currently we do not (but will) record the auto-translated content. 

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