Automatic AI Translation

Auto Translate feature can easily translate your store in minutes. Learn how to use it below.

Create Auto translate task

  1. Go to Auto Translate section, click "Glossary" button to add rule (if you need it).
  2. Select the target language you. All added languages are available.
  3. Select the resource you want to translate. You can see the word count on the options. 
  4. Select "Non-translated" or "All" status.
  5. Click "Translate" button to create auto-translate task.
  6. Set up Auto create task feature (if you need it).

After finishing above steps, the system will auto-sync your new content. So the final credits spent may be inconsistent with the options display. If account credits are used up, the tasks will stop and keep processing state. You can click " Rerun the uncompleted tasks" to continue.

Single auto translate

On editing page, you can auto-translate single item by clicking the arrow between 2 editors. This feature can help to review or change each automatic translation result easily.

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